Laura Harrington.jpg

Laura Harrington

Program Coordinator, Air Force ROTC
SEIU 925 representative, UW Transportation Committee

“UW started as a leader on transit issues in our community, but over time has failed to maintain its own standards. Since 2008, the UW has raised the cost of the employee UPASS by 114%, making it one of the most expensive employer-sponsored transportation programs in Seattle. It’s time for the UW to reclaim a leadership role and walk its talk.”


Shawn Williams(2).jpg

Shawn Williams

Fiscal Specialist
School of Environmental and Forest Sciences

“When I first started at UW it was very professional and our leaders were knowledgeable and personable.  Lately, I’ve heard increased grumblings from co-workers about racism, ageism and safety issues in our UW community. Extinguishing racism and other forms of discrimination should be a priority.  How can we move forward as a truly diverse community in the 21st century if those issues aren’t addressed? One important step would be for UW to create a more diverse workforce with good jobs for under-represented employees using priority hiring and training.”

Emily Sharp.jpg

Emily Sharp

 Physical Therapist - UW Medical Center

“UW’s working parents need help with child care. I put my name on a wait list for UW child care before I was pregnant. When I didn’t get a call back, I enquired during my maternity leave and was told "we only place about 2% of infants on our list." This is not adequate! The cost for my 3-year old, at a different U-District center, is over $1,700/month which is low for this area. I pay more than $2,000/month when factoring in my older child's after school care. We need more family-friendly support from our employer.”

Cindy Li.jpg

Cindy Li

Fiscal Specialist 2
Dental Clinic

“I commute by bus over an hour each way from Bothell to get to work. I would like to buy a house near UW, but I can’t afford to buy one.”

Pamela Honegger.jpg

Pamela Honegger

Administrative Coordinator
Office of the Dean of Education

"I would love to live within walking distance or biking distance of my job, but there's just no way. I'd have to work another full-time job just to be able to do that. Because of housing costs, I live at home with my parents and commute 90 minutes each way to work. We need affordable housing closer to work and an affordable UPASS!”